Funeral Services

comforting hands

When we lose someone close to us, how do we celebrate the memory of that special person in a meaningful way that expresses our love while supporting us in our grief?

Angela has many years of experience as a funeral celebrant: experience which has demonstrated that a funeral which is prepared and conducted with great care, sensitivity and compassion can provide significant comfort for those who have suffered a bereavement.

She crafts each ceremony carefully in close consultation with the family, to weave a story that does full justice to the departed and those who mourn. Family and friends are encouraged to sift through memories, photographs, music, and all of the things which epitomize the one they loved – to find symbols that express the feelings for which they may have no words.

Angela’s studies and long experience in the field of comparative spirituality allow her to offer ceremonies of many kinds, whether they be Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Pagan, or secular – the funerals she creates will always reflect the beliefs and ideals of the individual.

The result is a service which not only mourns the passing and celebrates the life of the departed, but also helps to begin the healing of the wounds of grief.

Angela can be contacted on 0418 568 008, or by requesting your funeral director to contact her on your behalf.

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