Grief Therapy

comforting hands

Grief is a natural part of life and is not restricted to the loss of someone close to us. Many losses in life cause us grief – the loss of a beloved pet, the loss of health, loss of a career, the loss of a cherished dream – the list is long.

Many of us find it difficult to grieve. It is not easy to enter into the pain and stay there long enough for healing to begin.

For many people a Grief Therapist can facilitate the process of working through grief:

someone to act as a sounding-board for confused and painful thoughts and feelings

someone in whom we can confide the often conflicting ideas we hold about a person or a situation;

someone who can help us make sense of it all;

someone who is bound by the ethics of her profession to complete confidentiality.

Someone who understands …

Angela can be contacted on 0418 568 008.

PLEASE NOTE: In cases of severe, overwhelming grief,  the support of a psychologist may be required and a referral can be obtained from your GP.